Sunday, October 18, 2009

Free Beer Match Day Four: The Movement in DC Edition

You've seen our fan and game photos from DC, now check out our efforts on the FBM front as well! The whole day was a great success as passed out a ton of our Free Beer Movement bumper stickers to soccer fans old and new. Just in the days after the match we've had bunches of visitors, new Twitter followers, and fans on Facebook so our idea is catching on!

The FBM rendezvoused with their four guests at the pre-game tailgate and the party was on!

Leadership Summit: FBM Prez Dan and American Outlaws President and Founder Korey Donahoo.

The ever-popular "Hand of Justice".

FBM guest Michael helping himself to the beer. EIGHT (count 'em!) different beers!

This group was DEFINITELY following the Free Beer Movement. Not only we're they taking down the suds, they brought a soccer newbie to the game. I ran into her later at the game in the FRONT ROW. That's a great first soccer memory.

Hey, where ever you want to sport it! (Now we're just running into the stickers everywhere!)

Although I wouldn't recommend it straight to the skin.

The FBM stickers were popping up everywhere at the post-game party at Molly Malone's.

We FINALLY got Frankie!!!!! We'll at least a fan of Frankie.

Guy with a sticker, Michael with (yet another) beer. Cheers to both!

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  1. Nice pictures of the game and the movement in DC. Hopefully some merchandise can be put together because your Waldo hat and glasses could be spotted in the end of the ESPN Telecast when Mikey threw his jersey into the stands. If only there were an iconic FBM hat or jacket that we could've seen on the tele instead.


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