Friday, October 9, 2009

Free Beer Match Day Three: US National Team Edition

We've posted this on Twitter and Facebook, but not yet on the site.. the FBM is going to be hosting their third "Free Beer Match Day" this Saturday at Fado's Irish Pub (214 W. 4th St.) in Austin, TX.

Fado's is one of only 25 (0r so) bars in the ENTIRE United States that is showing the titanic World Cup Qualifier between the Nats and Honduras. The game starts at 9pm, but get their early for seats.

We're asking Free Beer Movers and soccer fans to bring a newbie to the game on Saturday night and introduce them to the sport. Fado's will be rocking for this game so what better way to show off American soccer than with a packed bar full of Nats supporters.

FBM Prez Dan will be there so stop by and get a FREE Free Beer Movement bumper sticker.


  1. Hopefully people will bring some new faces. I'll be ducking out of a convention on Wednesday evening hopefully with some new found soccer supporters in tow.

  2. Nick, we're going to send you some free bumper stickers to hand out. Check your mail!


"Anyone who tells me soccer is boring, I'm going to punch them in the face."
- Former Dallas Burn (aka FC Dallas) coach Dave Dir

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