Thursday, March 8, 2012

VIDEO - USMNT U23s Vs. Mexico "Behind The Scenes"

We posted this not only because it's another "Dos a cero" against Mexico (hey, even at the youth level we'll take it), but for the complete performance that the Baby Nats put in against our CONCACAF rivals.

There's a mentality that is spreading in this U.S. program. Growing that we, too, can play a tactical, dominating, possession-style. Combine that with our inherent emphasis on athleticism and an ingrained "never-say-die" attitude and we've got a National Team, at all levels, to be reckoned with.

Listen to Coach Caleb Porter pre-game talk and try and argue that a change isn't happening:
"Let's go out and play. Let's be confident. We play to win today. We play to win. Alright, let's make them deal with us. We play to our potential they cannot play with us.
That's belief you have to have. That's the confidence you have to play with. We're strong. We're athletic. We play too good of football. We're technical. Alright?
We're going to make it difficult for them on both sides of the ball. We're going to control them game. We're going to defend. Battle! When we have the ball, open up, play, move the ball, be confident.
Everything on the line here."
That's a talk you don't hear everyday from a USMNT coach.

Times. They're a-changin'.

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