Friday, March 16, 2012

FBM Public Service Announcement - Don't Drink Green Beer

Don't make a mistake by going with Green.
Tomorrow you're going to wake up and really want a beer. Not that it's all the different than any other day for most of us, but for some terrible reason you're going to feel compelled to throw out common sense and really want  a green beer.

Resist the urge. Please.

Hopefully, you, dear reader, spend the other 364 (or in the case of this year, 365) days of the rest embracing the deliciousness, creativity, and authenticity of craft beer. If you don't, and you spend most of your days drinking macro-brews, you're not the worst person in the world (come on... that's Hitler) then well you can't be helped.

But if you do love your quality craft beer then, please don't be mesmerized by the siren song (or peer pressure) by the marketing gimmick of a "St. Patrick's Day" green beer. You don't like Irish folk dance (maybe you do..) and you might even turn the dial away after hearing U2 for the millionth time tomorrow so why would a little food coloring make a Miller Lite of Budweiser any more tolerable?

Save yourself. Save your friends. Save some strangers. Avoid the urge to drink green beer. Unless of course you've got a craft brewer that makes an authentic green brew (Freetail Brewing Company in San Antonio makes a Spirulina Wit, a naturally green beer).

Find an Irish Stout, a Irish Red, a Guinness in a pinch. If truly lost... drink a bunch of whiskey.

Or try a truly "green beer" in Sierra Nevada. The sixth-largest brewery in the nation is completely self-sustaining and has won California's premier environmental award for businesses five-years running. Even when "craft beer" is hard to find in bars... Sierra Nevada usually can be.

This St. Patty's Day... be crafty like a leprechaun.

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