Friday, March 2, 2012

VIDEO - A Trip Down 2002 Memory Lane

Stumbled across this AMAZING website the other day that archived the entire 2002 FIFA World Cup. Relive the stunning 3-2 win over Portugal, the 1-1 tie versus South Korea, no way to the Poland match, and then watch Mexico crumble to the US in the Round of 16. We're not even going to talk about the quarter-finals...

All of these from glorious ESPN2 narrated by Jack Edwards and Ty Keough.

We re-watched the Portugal match last night and lost our minds when John O'Brien (Oh.... JOB... where have you gone?) smashed the opening goal off the rebound Brian McBride saved header.

The really funny thing is remembering seeing that goal (and the rest of the game's goals) in the basement of a friend's house in high school at 6:30am... freaking out, but not being able to make a sound otherwise we'd wake up his parents. Almost same situation last night only substitute friend's house for FBM HQ and not wanting to wake up Mrs. FBM.

Anyways... here's all the good stuff from the USMNT's 2002 World Cup campaign. There's more WC highlights (including 2010 and the 2011 Women's Final) here (but in Russian).

USA - Portugal:

USA - Korea:

USA - Mexico (Round of 16):

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