Monday, February 20, 2012

NASL Champion Minnesota Stars FC Get Their Own Beer

When the Minnesota Stars won the 2011 North American Soccer League championship cup last fall we're sure they weren't thinking they'd be able to drink a beer made especially for them when their title defense kicked off the following spring.

The Twin Cities-based Northern Brewer, a home brewing store with over 17 years experience and the web's number one retailer of home brewing supplies, just announced a partnership with the club that will put a Stars-specific beer in the hands of their supporters.

Meet "Shining Star" Pale Ale.

In the words of Northern Brewer:
Bright and intrepid, great hops on a grassy backdrop, and superb interplay between all the elements. Wait, are we talking about the beer or the Stars Soccer team? The two converge in this tribute beer to The Minnesota Stars FC, the 2011 North American Soccer League Champions.
To support their worthy efforts we've developed a hop-forward pale ale of the American school. Palisade hops lend a smooth bitterness while Centennial and Columbus provide brisk citrus, pine, and grassy flavors. A measured contribution of crystal sweetness from Bairds Light Carastan rounds out the flavor and makes for a
A sessionable ale, perfect for watching the latest match or unwinding after a game.
Northern Brewer is donating 10% of profits from this kit to the Sanneh Foundation, a charity that focuses on soccer as a way to make a difference in the lives of inner city kids.
Stars FC now join an elite group of teams and/or supporters that have beers made in their honor, but the first home brew that fans can make themselves.

Sporting KC has their "Drop Kick" Amber Ale from Weston Brewing, while supporters of Seattle Sounders have two beers to their name ("Brougham Bitter" from Big Al and soon "No Equal" Amber from Redhook), and Columbus Crew have a pair of local beers renamed for their team.

The beer is now available from Northern Brewers online shop. Even if you're not a Stars FC, but you are a home brewing soccer fan, why not try and brew up this batch?

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  1. That's nothing, we brewed Rampaging Ruckus Red Ale for the USL-PRO Champions Orlando City last summer! Better beer for a better team in a better league!


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