Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day - #SoccerLove

Puma's World Cup 2010 "Love Equals Soccer" campaign really hit the nail on the head.
When its not full of pre-teens declaring their love for Justin Beiber or corporations using it for customer service, Twitter is great. If you're up for it, participating and/or creating "hashtag" games are kinda fun.

We're partial to starting them and last night, rather than buying a present for Mrs. FBM, we started "#SoccerLove" for soccer fans to declare what they loved about this sport. We assembled a few of our favorites here to check out.

Please feel free to add your own reasons you love soccer in the comments section.


@jakerueter -  The fact that one single goal can unite a country of over 300 million.

@galacticla - For those 90 minutes...nothing else matters

@chrisjuengel - jumping up and down with your non soccer watching sister as Wambach stuns Brazil. And now she's hooked for life 

@RevsPrez - U6 on sat mornings, Over 30 Thurs nights and any time the Revs beat DC, CHI or NY

@Kevin_Dooley - and when all else fails, there's still beer in the parking lot.

@GSRyank - That moment when 90 min of agony and frustration turns to pure joy in an instant

@scottfaldon - Your toddler kicks a ball through a door, turns and yells "Goal Daddy! Goal!"

@TavisBurns - Because, from Tromsø to Tierra del Fuego, EVERYBODY speaks the same language.

@ste_betts - Explaining 2 your wife why you need 2 watch a game between 2 African countries in a language you don't know

@SoSimplyPut - Brewing pot of coffee @12am & convincing cynical husband to stay up 'till 3am to watch Lando blow r mind! WC02

@LFCConnecticut - the moment i never walked alone with scousers halfway around the world, a black girl by herself in europe

@pckilgore - Xavi. Space. 'nuff said.

@JamesTheGreat14 - driving 16 plus hrs round trip to freeze your ass off watching another dos y zero in wc qualifying

@DistrictUnited1 - Because of moments like this one: pic.twitter.com/QN6MPlBs 

@AONewHaven - the passion of the supporters is what got me into the game, i asked "why do people like this so much" and i was hooked

@smash1983 - The most perfect diagonal run.

@PuraVidaChris - Standing, singing and chanting with strangers who become close friends, while turning doubters into believers.

@HibbyFC - Standing up to other bar patrons to put International friendlies on tv's during NFL playoffs.

@pjcin303 - Gripping your scarf tight, singing and chanting your heart out, finding confetti around your apartment...a week later.

@ElleJayCee_ - Because I need it more than I need air

@4castnate -  ...because the way you play is a window to your soul. No sport is more pure.

@smash1983 - Tearing up hearing a stadium full of faithfuls sing their national anthem.

@RyanRosenblatt - Having a beer at the match with a South African, German and Argentinean, bought for you by a Dutchman

@TheSquadPlayers - It's the one sport where you have an instant connection with anyone else who enjoys the game

@sflanagan17 - its the perfect sport. Passion, physicality, organization, communication, technique, athleticism, creativity,

Tears and beers.
@5280rapids - If you don't have beer stains and tears on your favorite jersey, You're not doing it right 

@wardjoe2-  a beer with friends after the game.

@FootieInAmerica - Irish Chelsea supporter. Saw Henry's 1st goal in MLS and made me forget to hate.

@yanknufc - Because no matter how bad life gets you club/country winning can still make you smile.

@lfcusa -  watching the world stop and come together to enjoy something special

@Fans4Life1 - Because it even brought the Germans and Brits together at Christmas during WWI.

@adamjant72-  Coaching my son's U-8 team because that's what my dad did for me

@Sea_Sailor5211-  When playing a match with people who speak different languages, there is no language barrier

@WordsAreEadsy - being in supporter section right after the national anthem plays

@adamjant72 - Every 4 yrs i give everything I have to support my National team

@FCBlueMoon - That moment when you know you will lose, but everyone stands up and sings their hearts out anyway.

@local_kitchen: A conversation topic in a taxi, a pub, a train station, anywhere in the world. No matter what the language.

@12thLady: If it isn't love to wake up at 4 a.m. to watch a match in a different time zone, it might just be plain ol' crazy.

@d3soccerlife: When you make a seemingly impossible save

@Nicholas_Gallo: LD's goal against Algeria literally bringing me to tears.

@ChefCDM - "It doesn't matter what country ur in, if there is a game, and you ask to join, you can"

@CapeCodCricket - makes friends from all over, turns lives upside down every 4 years and makes it socially acceptable to wear scarves in June.

@PVKS - I love that I fell out of love for several years, but fell even harder later in life.

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  1. Screaming so loudly during Alex Morgan's goal against Japan that my 4 month-old daughter started crying. I tell myself they were tears of our shared joy...eventually they will be.
    -Nick from MN

  2. Thanks for featuring 2 of my tweets from last night. Loved the #SoccerLove hashtag. Your blog & movement is fantastic. Should've tried to find you at the USWNT vs New Zealand match!


"Anyone who tells me soccer is boring, I'm going to punch them in the face."
- Former Dallas Burn (aka FC Dallas) coach Dave Dir

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