Sunday, February 5, 2012

Found Free Beer Movement - The Best Soccer Show

If you're a fan of American soccer and have ears then you need to be listening to "The Best Soccer Show" with Jason Davis and Jared DuBois on the North American Soccer Network.

Each Monday and Wednesday (a live show) the pair ruminate on the American game, players, news, views, and get some great interviews with personalities in and around the sport. Definitely one of the best podcasts/videocasts on American soccer out there (thus the name).

If you watch the video version of the show you'll notice a familiar item in the background of Davis' studio.  

Yup, the FBM scarf graces his wall. Pretty cool to see it hanging in such a prominent place on such a prominent show.

Give the BSS a look/listen and get yourself a FBM scarf if you don't have one already (and if you do get another!)

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