Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who We're Buying A Beer For...

A short-list this week as we get back into the beer-buying swing of things (two weeks in a row... OMG!) Saving some money for the holiday season so we can't hand out too many, of course.  Here's our weekly lists of people or groups or inanimate objects that are propelling American soccer forward.

1) Bill Clinton

Will Billy Bob be celebrating again soon with the USMNT?
Ol' "Slick Willie" is at it again! First he was the U.S. number one fan during the National Team's run in South African this past summer. Now the former President is jetting off to Zurich to make America's final case to host the 2022 World Cup. Clinton, along with the rest of the U.S. delegation will appear in front of the FIFA Executive Committee to make their best, last case for hosting the world's premier sporting event and bring it back to the United States.

The Honorary Chairman for GoUSABid has been working tirelessly for the American dream to host the World Cup again since his appointment to the roll before this summer's tournament.  Clinton, as many of you recall, President when the U.S first hosted the Cup and has been one of the bid's biggest advocates.

We've always been a fan of Bubba and his charm (so good with the ladies, too!) and his love affair with U.S. soccer has only deepened our appreciation of the nation's 43rd President. We brought him a beer when he joined the U.S. bid and highlighted his "FBM Moment" after the dramatic win over Algeria, but Clinton continues to go above-and-beyond his role as an American soccer ambassador.

Clinton has made no secret of his late-life love affair (the good kind) for soccer, declaring back in June, "I've fallen in love with soccer at my very advanced age."

So to, Mr. William Jefferson Clinton! Free Beer Mover! American Soccer Ambassador!

2) Butter Leather Jackets

You gotta problem with this look, ref? I didn't think so.
FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman collected three titles this past week: Western Conference Champion, Major League Soccer "Coach of the Year" and, most importantly, "fashion icon". 

The 61-year old was the center of all sorts of talk when he sported the "brown bomber" jacket during Dallas' match against Real Salt Lake. Hyndman later revealed that he's had the jacket for 15-years, dating back to his days coaching at Southern Methodist University.

Beyond what Hyndman is wearing on the sidelines, it's the product that he's leading on the field that's really making headlines. FC Dallas demolished the Los Angeles Galaxy on Sunday night, 3-1. Los Toros denied the Galaxy a second-straight trip to the MLS Cup and booked their own spot for the first time.

Hyndman, in his post game interview on ESPN2, threw on his club's good-luck charm for the cameras and we can all be sure that in the winterly weather of Toronto we'll probably be seeing "supple leather" real soon.

Is this MLS' "wardrobe malfunction" moment? Probably not, but still hilarious to see the Inter-Net-Blogo-Sphere get in a tizzy over what to wear or not wear. We've already spoken our piece on what coaches should have on the sidelines.

Any other beer-worthy individuals or groups? Leave 'em in the comments section!

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