Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free Beer Movement in Action: Doc from Seattle

(Editor's Note: We've asked for your "Free Beer Movement in Action" stories and pictures and you've responded! We believe in the idea that free beer is a crucial element in building a long-lasting and passionate base of soccer fans in America.  Those that have subscribed to the "free beer philosophy" are helping us shore up our thesis that "free beer works" by sending in their evidence from across the country.

WE STILL WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Send us your stories and pictures of the FBM in Action in your neck of the woods and we'll send you some FREE Free Beer Movement stickers for your troubles.)

Free Beer Movement in Seattle

So I've been an avid soccer fan for darn near most my life, catching USL and PDL games in the Seattle area before soccer was even "cool".

I've now evolved into a full-fledged supporter, for both my beloved Sounders and the US national teams. During the World Cup, remember that article on "The Onion"? Yeah, I was that guy in my work. I had the Sounders ID badge holder, the Sounders coffee cup, flags in my office, bracket posters, the whole nine yards.
Hell, I work in a hospital, and I'd ask the patients if I could switch their channel during the US v England match!

Anyway, eventually the Pied Piper routine worked, and soccer fans started coming my way. So I'd bring them out to our favorite soccer bar, the Cloverleaf, and ply them with wonderful Northwest microbrews. No Bud Lights on my dime! And now I've got them hooked! I don't have the shirt, or the gear, or anything else, but what I've got is a passport to the most globally recognized and supported sport in the world - and it comes in pints!


Doc Glen
ECS and American Outlaws

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  1. What's this? You found one of the, like, fifty people that knew the Sounders existed before 2009?


    (I kid, mostly; I know ECS was around back then. We even tailgated with them once in 2007 when we went to see the Thunder play there; it rocked.)


"Anyone who tells me soccer is boring, I'm going to punch them in the face."
- Former Dallas Burn (aka FC Dallas) coach Dave Dir

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