Friday, November 12, 2010

The Flight: The Most Random, The Most Tastiest Bits

Great Soccer Reads/Links of the Week

* The Shin Guardian interviews up-and-coming American abroad Preston Zimmerman. A shocking interview of his crazy life abroad, finding his feet, and his indifference to the USMNT. A great two-part interview, plus he takes readers questions as well. Part I - Part II - Part III

* Nominate your favorite American soccer websites, soccer stores, best soccer bars, and best fan photos. Head to (Registration required)

* Portland Timbers have a great series on their website bring their fans up-to-speed on Major League Soccer with "MLS 101". A great read for soccer newbies or new fans to American soccer as well.

* Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated pays tribute to several "pioneers" of American soccer that retired or are retiring as his "Sportsmen of the Year".

* The power of the away match at a bar. Colorado-style.

* The Shin Guardian contributor Jay Bell put together a great video preview of this weekend's Major League Soccer Conference Finals. Super stoked for this weekend's action!!!!

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