Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Landon Donovan: Baller. Of. The. Year.

"He's the guy who made America pay attention to soccer."

And while you're thinking that sentence could've been written about "Danny Beerseed" we're going to let it slide as GQ editor-in-chief Jim Nelson assigned that statement to USMNT midfielder Landon Donovan.

Donovan, he the leading scorer of the Nats. He of the dramatic, last-minute, game-winning goal against Algeria in the World Cup this summer. He can now add to his list of accomplishments; "Baller of the Year" bestowed upon him at the men's fashion and lifestyle magazine's 15th annual "Men of the Year" event.

I wonder if this is something that LD10 would mention a few times on the Los Angeles Galaxy's 15-hour flight to Australia today?

LD: "Hey, Beckham."
DB: "Yeah, mate"
LD: "Ummm.... did you get named GQ Magazine's 'Baller of the Year'?"
DB: "No, mate. I did not."
LD: "Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha! I did!"
DB: "I know, mate. This is like the seventh time you've done this to me."
LD: "Still funny, though."
DB: "Whatever. I'm off to shag a flight attendant."

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