Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Flight: The Weeks Most Random, Tastiest Bits

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* Remember the greatest free-kick goal ever? Sure you do. It's in EVERY greatest goal compilation video on YouTube.

The Game: Brazil v. France. The Year: 1997. The Setting World Cup warm-up match (ironically, the Final would feature both, too). The player: Roberto Carlos. The result: See for yourself (again and again).

The shot looks like it should have taken place on the moon the way the ball moved, but now scientists are bringing soccer fans back to earth by explaining that Carlos' kick was "no fluke" and that's just how this crazy thing called "gravity" works.

Bummer... and we were thinking this whole time that there was some crazy "Star Trek" multi-dimensional, gravity vortex that appeared briefly for that all to go down.

* 723 Football Films continues their great run of quality American soccer clip compliations with "MLS - Youth of A Nation," a feature about a half dozen of so up-and-coming kids in our league. Some emerging players to get really excited about as MLS fans and USMNT fans.

* We, as a general rule, wholesale steal from The Offside Rules because it is one of the best damn soccer sites in the United States of America and pretty much whatever is feature on there is tragically hip. So it's no surprise that our next bit of video-goodness comes from there. A great highlight video, of awesome production value, of Red Bull New York; its stars, stadium, and fans.

This House is a Circus from Paul Connors on Vimeo.


* 200-year old beer?!?! Ummm... you try it first. Then, if you don't die, I'll give it a shot.

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