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Chicken Soup for the Solo: Support Hope Solo's Recovery

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Hope Solo made headlines two weeks ago for her Twitter tirade over officiating during a Women's Professional Soccer playoff match between her Atlanta Beat and the Washington Freedom. The rant led to a fine, a brief suspension, and some community service, but what happened next was more even more saddening if you're a fan of the U.S. Women's National Team (which we are... since 1999, "The Year of the Sports Bra").

Solo announced, last week, that she would undergo shoulder surgery that would keep her out for six months and out of the 2011 Women's World Cup qualifying in October and November. The surgery took place on Wednesday, September 22nd.

Solo, at the USWNT camp, just two days removed from surgery. Photo: USWNT Blog/
Solo has been a mainstay of the USWNT since 2005 earning 91 caps (second most for a USWNT keeper) and was the WPS saves leader with 104 this season. With Solo out, Nicole Barnhart (netminder for the 2010 WPS Champions, FC Gold Pride) will deputize in goal for the Lady Nats during 2010 Women's Gold Cup (and the WWC qualifying tournament).

The veteran's comments to indicated that she would be back in time for the 2011 WWC in Germany next June and she had more than enough confidence in her team and her back up to get the USWNT through qualification next month.
“These next two years are huge for the national team with the World Cup and Olympics on the horizon and I wanted to make sure that I would be giving my team and my country my best on the field,” said Solo. “I’ve been having some painful issues with the shoulder for a while and for a goalkeeper it’s been difficult physically and mentally to play with this kind of an injury, so it was time to get it taken care of. I know I’m in the best hands and I plan on working diligently on my rehab to get back to one hundred percent. In the meantime, I know my teammates will get us to the World Cup and I can’t wait to join them next spring.”
Solo is one of the greatest female players the game has ever seen. Following in the footsteps of 1999 WWC winning GK Brianna Scurry, the 29-year-old continues the tradition of great American 'keepers from both sides of the gender divide. Her record marshaling the backline of the USWNT should hold her name up with the rest of the Lady Nats brightest stars of past and present; Hamm, Lilly, Foudy, Akers, and Wambach.

The only thing missing from Solo's National Team trophy cabinet is a World Cup Winner's Medal. Even though Solo will be missing the WWC qualifying her recovery will take her right up to the run up to the late-June tournament. She'll need all the help she can get.

Long time readers of the Free Beer Movement know how much we love Hope Solo. She's even an honorary "free beer mover" after she bought St. Louis Athletica fans' beer during her time with the club before they folded.

That's why the Free Beer Movement is organizing a get-well campaign for Hope Solo. We call it "Chicken Soup for the Solo". Heck, even The Shin Guardian is getting in on the action. The premier publication on all things American soccer (and more!) is expanding its realm into the women's game as well and joining us on this great viral campaign.

What do we want you to do?

We got Hope Solo some chicken noodle soup and we want you to help us send it to her.

***Just take the image above, save it to your computer (or copy/paste the image url), and do one (or all) of the following:

1) Upload it to Hope Solo's Facebook page (you'll have to "friend" her first)


2) Send it to her Twitter account and the U.S. Women's National Team Twitter account.


3) Drop a link to this post on the contact form on her website.

For any of the options add the message "Get Well Soon from __________ (your name) and the Free Beer Movement and The Shin Guardian".

("Get Well Soon from _____________ and @freebeermovemnt and @shinguardian." on Twitter.)

Let's do this!

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