Monday, September 13, 2010

Brian McBride Tribute in Chicago - October 9th

We've already penned quite a little ditty in honor of retiring Fire forward Brian McBride, but we are upping the ante for the former USMNTer.

During the National Team friendly against Poland on October 9th, along with the American Outlaws and the great American soccer publication The Shin Guardian, we're organizing a tribute for the tailsman in his professional team's backyard, Chicago.

Prairie Rose's handiwork. Also, the TSG shirt.
If you're heading to Chicago (like us!) for this match join us in giving thanks to a real American soccer legend.

What can you do?

- Print off one the awesome signs made by FBM designer, and all-around good guy, Eric (at the top of this post)

- Make your own banner! (Like Prairie Rose [@Hoover_Dam] did!

- Get the Brian McBride "Unbreakable" shirt from The Shin Guardian guys.

- Learn the words to "You'll Always Want McBride on Your Side" written by the FBM and join us in song during the match.

- Lastly, and probably the coolest, paint your face in the style of McBride's iconic 2006 World Cup wound.

The FBM, AO, and TSG want McBride to have the proper send off he never got from the 2008 Olympic disaster. Rumor has it he will be at the game so grab your finger paints and get to work people!

We've got a legend to honor!

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