Wednesday, August 3, 2011

VIDEO - Teal Bunbury Uses Bobbleheads to Show How He Scored Against New England

Sporting KC striker Teal Bunbury has struggled to find playing time and the net of late, but he made it count last week when he scored a dramatic late-game equalizer against New England. His 89th minute tally ensured a share of the points and kept Kansas City's 13-game unbeaten run intact.

Bunbury, always the ham, celebrated by running to the corner flag and playing "bobblehead" for the fans.

That inspired Sporting KC to put together this video with "Boon Boo Ree" breaking down his goal with bobbledheads laying around the team's office.

Sporting should used these over and over for various game re-caps. Props are awesome. We can't tell you how many times we've explained the offside rule using salt and pepper shakers, ketchup and mustard bottles, and the like.


Only thing Sporting should be ashamed of is that Bunbury used a Chicago Cubs Ryne Sandberg bobble in the formation because if there's one thing KC doesn't like it's anything from the Windy City. The owner of that probably got fired after this.

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