Wednesday, January 19, 2011

VIDEO - The Onion "SportsDome" on Major League Soccer

Even got put on the banner!
Hey look we're relevant enough to openly mock!

The Onion (born in FBM HQ North aka Wisconsin!) has a new sport-centric show on Comedy Central called "SportsDome". Last week, in their premier episode, the took a shot at Major League Soccer in a highlight segment that covered the last four years of the league or "since we last checked in on the league".

We guess that soccer fans in American should be proud that MLS is prominent enough (in the "major sports" world) to even be the subject of satire.

Honestly, the best thing about this segment is the fact it highlights how poor the subject of the show mockery ESPN's "SportsCenter" has been in covering our domestic league. The fifty-two seconds "SportsDome" is probably comparable to the time SC has devoted to MLS when you remove any references to Senor Beckham or the arrival of Thierry Henry to the league.

Certainly its a chicken-and-egg argument... does the league have to raise its profile before more regular coverage or does more regular coverage help raise the league's profile?

Our interview with ESPN analyst Alexi Lalas covered this discussion as well. We're in agreement that MLS has got to do more to make the league relevant to the average sports fan (and at least most soccer fans in the U.S.), but would it really kill to network to show a few game highlights instead of the same slam dunks with different team's jerseys on.

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