Thursday, January 6, 2011

Phun With Photoshop - Where in the World is Freddy Adu?

Ever get the impression that Freddy Adu just doesn't like Major League Soccer? The former "next-big-thing" in American soccer is now on trial with 2.Bundesliga basement dwellers Ingolstadt.

Adu has been thrown overboard by his Greek club Aris and has already been to Denmark and Switzerland in search of employment during the January transfer window. It looks like the child "star" of MLS doesn't want anything to do with the American Dream anymore.

Isn't time that Freddy just come home? Is playing in no where Germany that much better than whatever club would GLADLY have him in MLS? Does he really think that playing (or more likely, not playing) in European backwaters is going to get him another look from Coach Bob Bradley?

Only Adu knows these answers, we guess....

Where will Freddy go next?
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