Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photo Essay: Jester King Brewery Grand Opening Party

The Free Beer Movement had the privilege of getting an invite to the grand opening party of Austin's Jester King Brewery. When we got to the party around five it had been going strong for a few hours and figured that there'd be plenty more good times until its closing at nine.

Dozens of cars and loads of people were sitting outside the gates of the brewery's Hill Country property with one poor soul informing the crowd that the event was at capacity and the county sheriffs, along with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, was not allowing anyone else in for the remainder of the evening.

A quick phone call to Jeffrey Stuffings (owner of Jester King) and we were in! And, really, a massive thanks to him to allow the FBM in to cover the event. Much to the disappointment to the growing hoards of people outside Jester's property we drove past.

Jester King's property is a sprawling piece of Texas Hill Country land. If you've never been to Texas Hill Country is one of the state's most beautiful parts. Rolling hills pop out from the landscape as you drive west from Austin. This place is home to Texas wine country and several other breweries (and a distillery as well).

8,000 square foot beer hall and packed to the gills.
Walking up to the brewery it was clear to see why the "authorities" had their undies in a bunch. Cars as far as the eye could see and people everywhere. There was no real problem with the event or trouble from the attendees minus the fact it was very clear that it was all too popular.

JK's brew house, keg and bottling line, and, soon, tasting room.

Aging tanks, brew kettles. etc.

Wood barrels for aging.
Barrels. Part Two.
Inside the "beer hall" it was elbow to elbow with craft beer enthusiasts. Jester King was pouring four of their beers:

Our arrival was already to late to get a taste of JK's Farmhouse and Wytchmaker beers. We've previously had the IPA so no biggie, but we'll keep an eye out for our one miss at our local haunts. 

Meet "Black Metal" Imperial Stout
Getting a pour of "Commercial Suicide" Dark Mild Ale
With live music and some tasty beer on site the event was a huge success (if you could get in!). Here's the rest of our evening out at Jester King:

Party poopers....



They're with the band.
MELOGRAND (aka "the band")
Hey look! A USMNT fan and a beer. What a novel concept!

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