Thursday, December 24, 2009

News Watch: Time Wasting Links For Your Enjoyment During the Holidays Edition

Ho! Ho! Ho! Nothing much going on at FBM HQ so we've got a host of great Ameri-centric soccer articles that have been floating around the Inter-web-blogosphere.

* Pass on World Cup 2018? USA and 2022 a perfect match? So says guest writer Keith Hickey on MatchFitUSA

* 2009 Year-In-Review for Americans Abroad in England by That's On Point

* The "Summer of Soccer" put the sport on the nation's radar, but one American soccer blogger isn't ready for soccer to become mainstream.

* You know what's wrong with other American sports? They aren't close enough to soccer. The Shin Guardian makes the case for "soccerizing" the rest of the lot.

* Soccer By Ives gives us their list of best USMNT goals of 2009.

* Missed our interview on the "Waiting For Gaetjens" podcast? No, you didn't... it's right here.

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