Thursday, December 17, 2009

FBM on the "Waiting for Gaetjens" Podcast

Free Beer Movement founder Dan is on this week's episode of the new American soccer podcast, "Waiting for Gaetjens." Gaetjens is hosted by two of the biggest names in American soccer media, Greg Lalas, editor for and the host of "Extra Time" on and "This Is American Soccer" writer Adam Spangler.

Listen to the show: Episode 7


  1. Fantastic, I found out about FBM through this podcast. I wrote a post on the Midnight Riders blog to spread the word.

    FWIW, we're doing a major overhaul of the site, and I hope to get some of your promo links up when it's finished.

    Something I need to put out is how you gave props to Olsen, which was well deserved, but no mention of Jay Heaps. Jay Heaps was a very competitive American athlete who gradually became a smart soccer player over his career. In fact, moving inside and tutoring Barnes made early 2009 his best stretch in MLS, earning a spot on the Gold Cup team. Sure, people called him a hack, but that's what we called Olsen. He also came out to the parking lot and gave the Midnight Riders a twelve pack of beer during a Superliga match he was suspended for in 2008. That epitomizes the FBM in a lot of ways.

  2. Free Beer Movement - MN will be at

    McMahon's Pub

    3001 East Lake Street
    Minneapolis, MN 55406

    Tomorrow Starting at 9am. If you're a United supporter you will not find a better place in the Twin Cities area for watching matches.


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