Tuesday, April 10, 2012

VIDEO - All Your Base Belongs to MLS and adidas

Many Americans continue to wonder about Snooki's weight (98 pounds!) who's going to be eliminated next from "The Voice" or what twists and turns will happen next in "Game of Throne"/"Madmen".

The computers, well, are preparing to take over the world. The upcoming Major League Soccer All-Star Game on July 25th in Philadelphia will feature the first world's first "smart soccer match" where all the players on the field will be tracked by adidas' miCoach system and the data will be available instantly for analysis.

Sounds pretty cool. Hopefully ESPN gets some of the data to share in-game with views.

We're just glad they didn't call it SkyNet. We're safe for now.


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  1. Skynet. Very deep!

  2. very nice video and I think that Adidas is a very important indirect sponsor in many soccer leagues or any other sport league and in the MLS is not the exception to the rule, many MLS clubs have contracts with the famous German sports shoes company


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