Friday, March 18, 2011

What's Brewing: Jester King Brewery SXSW Party

Graphic Credit: Jester King
The South By Southwest (SXSW) circus is in town and everyone and their brother is throwing a party. Lots of free beer and free music being thrown about, but for the refined tastes of the FBM we go where the good beer flows.

That means leaving the friendly (and, this week, insanely crazy) confines of Austin, heading out into Hill Country, and to Jester King Craft Brewery. JK is one of Texas' newest craft breweries and at their SXSW party they debuted a new collaboration beer with Danish brewers, Mikkeller, called "Drinkin in the Sun Belt".

From the Jester King website:
"'Drinkin' in the Sun Belt' is the first of two planned collaborations between the Austin-based brewery and the world renowned Danish “gypsy brewer”, Mikkeller. “Drink’in” is very hoppy, flavorful session ale brewed with equal portions of malted barley and malted wheat, and heavily dry-hopped with citrusy, American Amarillo hops. The name and inspiration come from “Drink’in the Sun”, a beer that Mikkeller has previously brewed in Europe, using a recipe remarkably similar to one that Jester King had already used for numerous test batches, that were intended to serve as the basis for a future seasonal release."
We were also able to sample their farmhouse ale that we missed at the grand opening party, Boxer's Revenge and their dark mild ale, Commercial Suicide.

Our photos from the event:

Drinkin' in the Sun Belt

Boxer's Revenge

Commercial Suicide

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