Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Free Beer Movement Honored as 2011 Winner of the Texas Social Media Awards

The Free Beer Movement is proud to announce that we've been selected as one of the 2011 honorees of the Austin-American Statesman Texas Social Media Awards. Our nomination was pulled for nearly 400 and, along with 24 others, we'll be given our award at an event on March 10th. FBM Founder "Danny Beerseed" will accept on behalf of the Movement.

But really this award isn't for this website (although it IS pretty awesome), this award goes to all the Facebook "likes", the Twitter "followers", and the people that make the "free beer philosophy" apart of their comings and goings when it comes to soccer.

This award is for the idea of "Building American Soccer One Beer at a Time" and all of you that subscribe to that goooooooooooooooal (sorry... had to do that).

Thank you to all of you that have made this a great honor (in what we hope is a long line of honors and recognition for this site and this community). A special thanks to all of your who commented on our nomination (and Chris G. who started the whole thing!). And an extra-special thanks to Austin soccer community (all the guys in Chantico's Army... they don't have a team, but they've got the biggest hearts in America) and all the Internet imaginary friends that helped get us to where we are today including these awesome sites: The Shin Guardian, Nutmeg Radio, Match Fit USA, Yanks Are Coming, Church of Soccer, Objectivo/Ultras t-shirts and, of course, the American Outlaws.

I hope they have beer at this awards event otherwise its gonna suck....

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  1. That is beyond awesome. I hope I can honor this award by drinking as many of the Portland beers I can. It is truly the land of IPA's up here. Hey Beerseed! Let's get a cold one when I get back.
    Willy Wump Lump


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