Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meet Aztex Amber Ale (a Supporter's Group Brew)

A few months ago we posted a photo essay of the Free Beer Movement's participation in beer brewing with members of Chantico's Army, the supporter's group of the USL/NASL side Austin Aztex.

From the mind of one of CA's members, Ed, a team-specific brew was born, the Aztex Amber Ale. At long last the drink itself has gone through its natural process and is finished!

Ladies and gentlemen... Version 1.0 of Route 29 Brewery's Triple A!

Delicious, delicious beer.

Having bank rolled some of this batch (we're calling ourselves the AAA's "malt daddy"), the FBM is pretty happy with the results. The beer itself would stand up well against any of the ambers we've had previously. Traditionally, we've felt that ambers are traditionally weaker that other types of beer and we were initially hesitant to lend our backing to a "red" beer, but since it is the Austin Aztex color it was kind of a given. Ambers, themselves, always seem to be just too mild in flavor and coming from a Indian Pale Ale lover; it just lacks any punch.

This amber, however, has some good hops to it without being overwhelming. Just enough punch to set it apart from other, milder ambers, but not enough to argue that it couldn't be considered an amber. The color is a perfect amber (sorry our picture doesn't do it justice) and the liquid is free and clear of any floaties (a techincal term).

The only downside to the first batch is that the beer doesn't hold its carbonation as long as a standard beer. Between having a pint of the stuff sitting around (not the usual at FBM HQ mind you... just testing out the brew) and the bottle in the fridge the beer can get a little flat if not consumed in a reasonable amount of time.

Overall, for a first effort on this recipe our brewer Ed has done a fantastic job.

Ed hard at work.

Ed is already hard a work getting ready to brew another batch with some tweaks before the pre-match tailgate for the Aztex's exhibition March 14th opener against Major League Soccer side, Houston Dynamo. He acknowledged that the carbonation was a little inconsistent between each bottle and, being a fan of hoppy beers, he was hopping to kick it up a notch for the next batch.

There's something pretty unique about American soccer fans not only getting behind their local team, but getting behind making a beer that supports it as well.

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  1. I've said it before an I'll say it again. That pic of the AAA bottle, an brew, is down right BEAutiful.:) Can't wait ta try some when I come up for a match, or two.

    UP THE RAW!!!



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