Monday, February 22, 2010


Hello and welcome to the NEW! Yes, The FBM has ponied up the cash to purchase this domain name and heave the ".blogspot" off the ol' Inter-web address bar up top. Our previous address was about as awkward as Mr. FBM in middle school... and high school... and, we guess, today as well.

Feel free to update your bookmarks, but if you don't the old address will automatically send you here now! Exciting! We know!

We'll continue to do business as usually here (with the exception of dropping the soccer ball on this week's "Who We're Buying a Beer For;" we're working on that....) and in the next couple of weeks we've got some interesting and exciting new interviews and features for the site.

Is the new web address just "lipstick on a pig"? Probably, but we'll be the prettiest free beer pig on the block, then! Just consider it a commitment to the ideals that propel the FBM that we were willing to plop down some kiz-ash for the new domain.

With the Major League Soccer season closing in on us and the U.S. National Team's campaign to begin this summer in South Africa we wanted to have a site name as professional as how unprofessional we actually are. In all seriousness, we felt as thought that even as 2009 was referred to as the "summer of soccer," 2010 promises to be even bigger.

So welcome to the NEW!

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