Thursday, July 16, 2009

History of the Free Beer Movement

The Brief, but Glorious History of the FBM

ca. 2005 -
"We Call It Soccer" blogger Joe Stange unites his two loves, beer and soccer, in proposing the FBM. A simple idea that, he states, "predates the market economy."

March 2006 - DCenters, a DC United blog, organizes a FBM-sponsored "Operation: Deflower"

March 2007 - DCenters attempts to organize another round of "Operation: Deflower" with unknown success.

June 2007 - Miama FC offers free Miller Lite (and noise sticks) to all 21 and older in attendence of their two United Soccer League matches over the weekend. Miller Lite cheerleaders were also in attendance.

August 2007 - Minneapolis CityPages blogger Paul Demko sponsors "FBM" night for a Minnesota Thunder game at James Griffin Stadium.

ca. 2007 - Stange moves to Europe, leaving the Movement rudderless.

July 2009 - Bloggers Dan Wiersema and Nick Sindt revive the FBM.


  1. This is Joe's current blog -

    No soccer anymore, 100% beer.

  2. Thanks Oscar. We're regular readers of Joe's work. That's how we found him to revive the FBM.


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