Wednesday, August 19, 2009

News Watch: Profile of WPS on the Rise

It's easy to forget in all of the hullabaloo over the recent success of the men's national team and the positive growth of Major League Soccer that women's soccer was the initial driving force behind the growth of our American sport.

Nineteen Ninety-Four may have put us on the map as fans, but 1999 put the United States on the map as a world soccer power. The women's national team has inspired girls, and boys, across America in joining and supporting a sport that 30 years ago few colleges had programs for.

From a national team perspective, the women's national team has continued its international dominance and kept the squads' profile high. Since the retirement of Mia Hamm (to become Nomar Garciaparra's babymaker), Amy Wambach has proudly, without losing a step, taken over the mantle as the world's best female player (recently tallying her 100th career international goal).

But a domestic women's league has struggle mightily in the U.S. Many of us remember the former WUSA and its short shelf-life. Even recent news of several of the Women's Professional Soccer (the new incarnation of the WUSA) league teams losing a fair bit of cash (like $2 million each) the league and its teams as a whole are looking a lot more stable and plan to add new corporate sponsors and cities to the league soon.

CBS News did a cool profile on the league and some of its players recently. Here's the segment:

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Link: Women's Professional Soccer league

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